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Yoga Edinburgh Testimonials

Reconnect with Yourself and Come Alive Again

I'm Karen, a Gestalt Therapist and Counsellor in Edinburgh.  I believe that life can change for the better when when we live in closer alignment with who we really are.

What's Troubling You?

Are you struggling with how you feel, and how you feel about yourself? Is this impacting your sense of self, relationships and work?  

I can help with making sense of complicated feelings and finding ways to talk about things that are difficult.  If you are feeling stuck, lost or confused we can work together to explore what's going on, how come, and find new ways forward.

Some of the kinds of things clients come to work with me about include:

  • Feeling anxious, flat, angry, irritable or depressed

  • Struggling with finding a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives

  • Experiencing difficulties triggered by a life event, like a bereavement, career change or relationship breakdown

  • Navigating changes in identity in becoming a parent, or adapting to the differing needs of children as they grow and become more independent

  • Feeling overwhelmed by traumatic or distressing experiences from the past and their ongoing impacts on day to day to life

  • Sometimes there is a sense that something is just not right and its hard to work out it what it is, leading to a sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction

These struggles present real opportunities to get to know yourself better, develop a kinder relationship with yourself and find new ways of relating with those around you and your circumstances.  Through this there is potential to find deeper meaning and satisfaction in your life.  I believe in this possibility wholeheartedly and the many ways change can unfold in the process of therapy.


About Me

Finding ways to live more fully, with creativity, depth and connection is my passion.   My life has been transformed through my own journey into greater connection with and appreciation of myself as a living, breathing, feeling human being.

I bring my warmth, curiosity and interest in what it is to be human into my work as a therapist.  I believe in the power of relationship to bring about change in all kinds of seemingly stuck situations.  Many of the difficulties that bring us to therapy have their roots in painful experiences in relationship and I recognise the great courage it takes to address these issues.

Engaging in therapy can be daunting, my hope is to offer a therapeutic relationship that supports you to develop greater connection with yourself, awareness in relationship with others and the potential for building a broader range of choices in your ways of being, relating and experiencing life.

Karen Nimmo Gestalt Therapy Edinburgh
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