Mid-Winter Workshop - Rest


Monthly Women's Group

My friend and colleague, Gillian Allan, and I are establishing a women's group in 2018, meeting monthly on Saturday afternoons. Our intention is to facilitate connection between women and provide a space for group and self exploration and support using a range of creative, movement and spiritual practices. You can find out more about this here

New Year Women's Workshop

Salisbury Centre, Salisbury Road, Edinburgh

6 January2018

1.30pm - 4.30pm



Join Karen Nimmo and Gillian Allan for an afternoon of movement, song, contemplative creative practice and group sharing to support your transition into 2018 and nourish body, heart and soul.


Along with time as a group, the workshop will include a guided movement practice drawing from yoga and feldenkrais and a creative exercise to support you to ground into your hopes for 2018 and acknowledge gains and losses from 2017.


This workshop stands alone, and is a taster session for a potential new women's group Gillian and Karen hope to start in 2018.  Karen and Gillian are Gestalt Therapists and share a love for embodied movement practice (Karen is a yoga teacher and Gillian teaches Feldenkrais), creativity and self exploration in community with like minded souls.

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Yoga Workshops

I run occasional workshops exploring a range of yoga themes.  Find out about past workshops here.

Adventures in Being

Gestalt Therapy and Counselling for Growth in Edinburgh with Karen Nimmo