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I run occasional workshops drawing on my experience as a yoga teacher, therapist and creativity facilitator.  These offer a space for self exploration and expression in community with like-minded others.

Restoring the Feminine

An Autumn Workshop for Women

Explore yourself and experience using movement, mandala art and dialogue with others.  Access new ways of knowing and understanding yourself, your situation, needs and wants at this time.


I am very excited to announce this workshop for women about a theme very close to my heart.


The feminine is an aspect of self that belongs to all of us, men and women, and is an energy that can be seen in nature with its rhythms of growth, death, decay, renewal and growth again.


The concept of the feminine has been developed in Jungian Psychology, and has its roots in ancient mythology and various world spiritualities.


There is much in the dominant aspects of our culture that could be said to be aligned with the masculine; focus on doing, output, purpose, achievement, productivity. An emphasis on this without the balance of the feminine can lead to individual burn out, a sense of being dried up, like a machine.


The feminine is the realm of being, receptivity, presence, creativity, nurture and holding. For many women, myself included, cultivating these qualities in a culture such as ours can be difficult, indeed, when we consider the challenges of our times, such as climate breakdown, over consumption and various collapsing systems, we can see the imbalance way beyond our individual experience. This is why I want to offer this workshop.


I hope to work with participants to nurture this particular aspect of being through a mix of gentle movement, creative exploration and our being together in dialogue around the theme.


My invitation to participants is to come to the workshop with a question that has some meaning in your life and we will explore these questions individually and together attending to what answers might be found in this feminine realm.


Depending on interest, there is the potential of expanding this workshop into an ongoing women's group to deepen the exploration and relationships between one another.



Date: 28 October 2023

Time: 10.30 - 4pm

Venue: Dovelight Wellbeing Centre

Cost: £65 (£60 if booked before 31 August 2023)


Spaces will be limited to 12. If you are interested in attending please email me.


This version of the workshop is aimed at women only. I may offer a session for men in 2024 if there is interest.

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