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I hope the stretching out of the days as we head into spring is nourishing you. I certainly feel a quickening in my step and increasing sparkle of energy with this shift towards spring time.

I have a bit of news I want to share with you. I am nearly eight months pregnant and soon to finish work for maternity leave. I will be away from my therapy practice, yoga teaching and workshop leading from 25 February until 21 October.

This journey towards becoming a mother is a huge, exciting and vulnerable transition. And I very much feel myself letting go into the unknown of it all and the impossibility of trying to determine what life and work might look like in the future.

However! One thing I do know, is that I am deeply, deeply committed to personal growth work in its many forms, and supporting others who chose to embark on a journey of self discovery, creative, alive living and transformation. On my return, and when the time is right, I plan to continue to build my therapy practice and to develop new workshop offerings integrating yoga, creative practice and self exploration.

Please do keep an eye open for news.

With warm wishes


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