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Therapy During Covid 19 Pandemic

At this time of continued restrictions to how our daily lives are lived therapy can offer a much needed place of support and exploration of how this situation might be emphasising existing problems or difficulties.   I am currently offering face to face working and will keep this under review in line with public health guidance.

Introductory Call and Initial Consultation

It's important that you find a therapist you feel comfortable working with. I offer a free 15 minute introductory call where we can discuss what brings you to therapy and whether or not you would like to go forward with a full initial consultation session.


The initial consultation session lasts 50 minutes and offered at a reduced rate of £40 where we can explore your needs and interests in more detail and get a sense of whether you and I feel like a good fit, before we make a commitment to further sessions.  We may plan to work together for an initial block of sessions to establish whether a short term or longer, open ended therapy is best suited to your needs and situation.


Sessions with me are offered on a sliding scale from £50 - £65 per session.  In the initial consultation I'll invite you to consider what feels like a sustainable and meaningful investment for you for your therapy.  Those on higher incomes who can pay more support me to offer a small number of reduced fee places, if this is of interest please let me know and we can discuss depending on your circumstances and my availability.

Session length and frequency

Sessions with me are 50 minutes long, usually weekly at the same time.  I offer open ended therapy, meaning the duration of time we work for will depend on your situation, needs, wants and interests; and on our developing relationship.


I work from my therapy room in the New Town in Edinburgh and online as required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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About Gestalt Therapy

Everyone is unique with individual challenges, gifts and stories and I am committed to working in a way that is in the service of your individual journey.  Gestalt Therapy is a form of counselling or psychotherapy that is founded on a belief in people's innate capacity to grow, develop and change.  This capacity supports us to know who we are, what we need and want and to live in relationship with ourselves and others.

Sometimes, this capacity gets interrupted and we may find that we go about our life in a limited or rigid way, feeling like there aren't many choices available in how we respond to the unpredictable flow of life and our changing wants and needs.  In Gestalt Therapy, we believe that developing awareness, experiencing and understanding more of how we feel, think and do, in the context of the therapeutic relationship, can help us to regain our capacity to grow and change and live satisfying lives.

Therapy with Me

An important part of the therapy or counselling process is the relationship between client and therapist.  I offer acceptance, respect, support and challenge in relationship with my clients, and a safe and warm environment in support of your therapy process.  Engaging in therapy can be scary, exciting, vulnerable and sometimes confusing! There might phases where change seems to happening fast, and others that feel like nothing is happening.  Sometimes you might find our work enjoyable and interesting, other times it might feel really tough.  Whatever is happening, I aim to be alongside you as we navigate the spiralling process that is human healing, growth and change.

In my therapy practice, I work with people from a range of backgrounds and life experiences who are looking for support with challenges they are facing and their hopes for growth and change. 


​The flexibility and creativity of Gestalt Therapy means that there is lots of scope for us to draw on a range of methods, materials and ideas, moving, creating, as well as sitting and talking, during our working together.  

Given the significance of our experience in relationship on how we feel, think and do, I will be interested in your experience in relation to me and how we are together.  Our relationship might provide a doorway to understanding more about your experience with others in general, and also can act as a setting to try out new ways of being that feel true to you.

Adventures in Being

Gestalt Therapy and Counselling for Growth in Edinburgh with Karen Nimmo