I am training as a supervisor with Relational Change on their Relational Supervision Diploma and am offering reduced fee (£25 for 50 mins) supervision places whilst I complete my qualification.

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My approach to supervision is relational, embodied and creative. This means I work closely with what emerges in the supervision relationship (feelings, thoughts, responses in our dialogue) and am interested in your experience of your relationships with your clients.  Developing awareness of these aspects of each of our experience, with the support of psychotherapy theory can provide a rich window through which to explore client work with curiosity and creativity.


My initial training is in Gestalt Therapy, and complimentary to that I bring a strong grounding in a range of psychotherapy theory. Alongside Gestalt Therapy theor, particular interests include attachment theory, developmental relational trauma, jungian psychology and concepts of individuation, social and cultural structures and their impacts, intersubjectivity and dialogic relationship. I am also a yoga teacher and have a deep and longstanding commitment to embodiment and the resources,  support and aliveness we can access through building our relationships with our bodies.


Ultimately, I am driven by a commitment to facilitating deeper relationship with ourselves and our lives in the broadest sense.  Our thoughts, feelings, experiences.  Our longings, wishes, wants and needs.  The people around us and the world we live in. I am interested in the potential for aliveness, harnessing the creativity that makes us human, and the possibility of living richly.  This underpins the work I do in my therapy and supervision practice.  I am also interested in who you are as a person and practitioner and how this informs and supports your work.

In my supervision practice I hope to create a supportive environment where successes can be celebrated, vulnerabilities shared and explored, and challenge embraced. 


I work from my therapy room in the New Town in Edinburgh and online as required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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