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What does Covid-19 mean to you?

What is it like for you? Going through this pandemic. Having your day to day life, work and relationships impacted so deeply.

We all have our unique experience of this shared time of crisis. There are practical considerations to be taken care of, adjustments to be made to how we live our lives, sacrifices made in the spirit of public health.

How does all of this affect you? Experiencing such unprecedented change and uncertainty impacts us all in different ways. For some, the change to the pace of life may have provided welcome space and an opportunity to prioritise what really matters. For others, the limits to social life might feel like having a limb removed. For those with caring responsibilities, whether at home or work, a greater demand placed without access to the usual support. There might be an increase in experiences of anxiety, depression, anger, a sense of hopelessness and isolation. You might experience something of all of this from time to time!

Whatever the impact, you might want some support with what you're experiencing and navigating this unprecedented time.

Whatever the challenges are that you might be facing during this time, I believe there is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, who we are, what we want and need and the most deeply held longings of our soul.

In such times of difficulty, issues from the past and unhelpful ways of trying to cope can dominate our present experience. In therapy with me, I can support you to make some sense of your personal experience, including any challenging emotions, thoughts and feelings. I can also work with you to find nourishing ways of being with such experiences, including giving expression through words, movement, art and sound. Overtime, we might get to understand something of how past experience shapes your life now and explore what other possibilities are available to you.

And simply, we can develop a supportive relationship to bolster you during this time.

I believe times of struggle and difficulty present a great opportunity for healing, growth and renewal. If you are interested to explore with me, take a look on my website and get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.


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