New Class - Note your Interest

This new class aims to provide a space for you to be as you are, in your body, using the tools of yoga and somatic movement inquiry to support your well-being. If you're interested, please let me know through the form.

Thursdays 6 - 7.30pm

Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

25 Palmerston Place


First term - 16 August to 4 October

£10 drop in

whole term (8 weeks) £72

My emphasis will be to encourage a spirit of gentle exploration as we discover the support available to us when we bring ourselves into relationship with earth, gravity and space.  Using these resources, we might find greater freedom in our breath and experience of our bodies that can extend out into our sense of ourselves in our lives.


I am interested in how yoga practice can be a nourishing support for our lives and how it can facilitate personal transformation. I am less interested in accumulating more and more complicated postures and striving for control over my body through punishing regimes.  My teaching therefore, is less about 'teaching' and more about facilitating your exploration of your experience of yourself through yoga practice. 


For those with experience of yoga practice, this class may add a new perspective and bring something new to your practice.  For those new to yoga, this class will provide a safe and supportive welcome.


This class will be suitable for most people, given the focus on gentleness and starting where you are.  If you have any questions about the suitability of this class for you please do get in touch.

Thanks! Message sent.

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