Yoga practice can be a nourishing and enlivening way of getting in touch with your body; building a sense of your whole self from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head, front to back and left to right, from the inside out.  One breath at a time.


With regular practice you may develop strength, greater mobility, concentration and capacity for mindful awareness.

About my Classes

My weekly classes aim to support students to learn how  to make use of the tools of yoga to support all round wellbeing.  Each class includes a series of movements, postures, breathing practices and relaxation to support the development of gentle awareness and presence. We can hope to develop flexibility, strength, resilience and poise at emotional and physical levels when we work sensitively and without forcing.  I aim to make my classes available to a range of experience and ability levels, beginners are welcome as are those with more yoga experience. 

One to one sessions and mentoring

One to one yoga sessions are a great way to explore your yoga practice in a more personal way, tailored to your goals, needs and circumstances.  I offer one to one sessions to those new to yoga, and people with more experience, including teachers.  Teachers might find a mentoring relationship with me helpful in reflecting on their own practice and teaching.

Individual yoga sessions with me take place at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, 51 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ, or at your home if you prefer.

Sessions can be arranged individually for £50 for 1hr 30 mins

A block of five sessions costs £225.

For a limited period, initial sessions are offered at the introductory cost of £40.

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Rediscovering who we really are at our core opens the way to experiencing our most basic level of connection with others. This connectedness lies at the heart of the practice called Yoga. Living in a unitive state is not an esoteric concept, and it is not an elusive higher realm that only very clever people can aspire to. It is the opening of the heart so that we have the capacity to feel tenderness, joy, and sorrow without shutting down. It is the opening of the mind to an awareness that encompasses rather than excludes. It is the startling and immediate recognition of our basic sameness. It is the practice of observing clearly, listening acutely, and skillfully responding to the moment with all the compassion we can muster. And it is a homecoming with and to the body for it is only here that we can do all these things.

                                                                                                                                                        Bringing Yoga to Life, Donna Farhi

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