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I am deeply interested in and committed to a path of self-exploration and personal growth; my therapy practice is grounded in my belief that I can be most effective as your therapist when as well as being alongside you, I am deeply in touch and connected to myself.  Engaging in therapy can be daunting, my hope is to offer a therapeutic relationship that might support you to develop greater connection to yourself, awareness in relationship with others and the potential for building a broader range of choices in your ways of being, relating and experiencing life.


I have a background in public sector policy and strategy, working in the education, skills and economic development world for many years.  Alongside this busy career, my interest in self exploration initially led me to the study and practice of yoga, where I quickly came to love the experience of being deeply in my body, with my breath.  Over time, I also began to develop an interest in the world of emotional and mental wellbeing, and in organisational development and how people experience being in groups in my professional context; leading me to study and train in Gestalt Therapy.    I enjoy drawing on this holistic approach to understanding and supporting human experience in all aspects of my professional and personal life.

I completed my Gestalt Therapy training at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute in 2017, am fully insured for therapy practice and am an accredited member of UKCP (psychotherapeutic counsellor) and member of BACP.  I am in regular clinical supervision for my work and have worked as a therapist at a number of third sector organisations in Edinburgh and now work with clients in my private practice.​  I trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga Scotland from 2009 to 2012 and have practiced yoga since 2004. ​

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